class Humpyard::Generators::SkeletonGenerator

Skeleton Generator

rails humpyard:skeleton [options]


The humpyard skeleton generator creates a basic layout, stylesheet and helper which will give some structure to a starting Rails app.



Don't generate COMPASS related files (do this only if you really know what you are doing)


The SQL table name prefix for humpyard as string

Default: humpyard_

[--locales=one two three]

The locales used in humpyard as array

Default: en


The prefix for humpyard www pages as string

Default: :locale/


Don't generate HAML initializer (if you are already using HAML)


The prefix for humpyard admin controllers as string

Default: admin


Don't generate COMPASS initializer (if you are already using COMPASS)

Runtime options

-q, [--quiet]

Supress status output

-p, [--pretend]

Run but do not make any changes

-s, [--skip]

Skip files that already exist

-f, [--force]

Overwrite files that already exist


rails generate humpyard:skeleton